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PASADENA, where it stands today, is the second Church Point venue created by Charles Wymark, the founder of the Pasadena Roadhouse. Wymark created the venue for locals, offshore residents and holiday makers who came to enjoy the waterfront activities, which included Sailing, fishing, camping and driving the newly constructed McCarrs Creek Road which ran through the Kur-ing-gai National Park. The original Pasadena Roadhouse contained a post office, general store, garage and boat-shed, plus on the first floor, a dance hall ballroom was created.

Documents show the ballroom enjoying great success with Saturday night big band dances, community fundraising social functions with guests enjoying the spacious Spanish style architecture and location with its Pittwater views.

The Pasadena was modified in the early 1960’s to resemble the current boutique style hotel of 13 guest-rooms and a two bedroom apartment upstairs with a restaurant and functions centre downstairs.

The current owners Paul and Sheridan Peterkin, who are long-term local residents of the area, have watched the Pasadena fall into disrepair over the years and after purchasing the property in 2012, embarked on a labour of love to sensitively restore and revive The Pasadena to a modern version of its former self.

Using the original blueprint as their guide, they have referenced the 1930;s and 40’s to create a venue that definitely encourages guests to make Whoopee, which was the descriptive used to review the original opening party of the Pasadena.