It’s 3pm.
Back from a surf at the beach with your faves and just finished your favourite novel curled up in your sunlit nook.The afternoon sun is kissing your skin with a warm glow. The day isn’t over, and you’re ready to meet your friends for a summer cocktail on this balmy night. Situated a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the northern beaches, you meander down a captivating coastal road, the sea salt subtly wafting into the car window as you watch the water glisten. Sailboats bobbing and seagulls chirping. Locals and their dogs ripping through the blue oasis on their dinghy’s that is our famous Pittwater. You arrive. Waves lap the wharf as the ferry pulls in to greet the shore. Palm trees shadow courtyard tables. Tables full of life. Tables full of friends. Laughs, bubbles, soul food and cocktails, even the occasional selfie..You take your seat with your friends in the sun, and breathe in your surroundings. The water, the island, the mish-mash of eclectic souls humming to the same beat the solo guitarist strums gently from his fingertips. There is no better place to be. What a life we lead. Seduced forever.
Welcome to Palms. .

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* Photos By Jason Corroto


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